Couture Love at the Globes


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The 2013 cinema award season has officially kicked start with the arrival of the first major events in the calendar, the Golden Globes. And what’s an award show without its beautiful attendants flaunting their thousands-bucks loaned couture under the shower of photogs’ flashes?

Still, with that thousands of bucks quotation some stars still managed to appear tres atrocious. Well, I’m not gonna talk about them here. This post is here solely for my favorite looks of the night. Beware of the pretty; sequins, flowy trains, floral prints, ahead!

LM_Elie Saab Spring 2012

Lea Michele (Glee) in Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture. Her, disliked. That dress, total major LOVE. I like how her baked skin sort of magnify the pure white glow of the dress’ sequins. For once she managed to appear un-tacky. Good step in the right direction, Lea!

AH_Chanel Spring 2009

Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables) in Chanel Spring 2009. To be honest, I feel that this number is pretty but dull. However, Annie wore her smile and confidence like a million dollar couture that I cannot help but be mesmerized by the overall effect of her appearance. Also, congratulations to Anne for her first Golden Globes trophy! Oscar next, baby!

Maz Azria Atelier

Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) in Max Azria Atelier. One of the rare black color appearance that night. And this one’s a favorite. It just exudes elegance from head to toe.


Halle Berry (Cloud Atlas) in Atelier Versace Fall 2012. People are pretty divisive over this look but I am firmly on the Pro side, Jolie-inspired leg thrust notwithstanding. Love the very spring feel it exudes: the flowy material, the print, and the pink tones. I can definitely picture a dressed-down version of this number worn to the beach or a picnic in the sun.

TN_Giles 2013
Thandie Newton in Gilen Spring 2012. Quite the casual choice for a formal night but, again, sequins love! The pink ballerina shoes kind of clashed with the warm grey but it makes her look more youthful anyway.

LL_Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013

Lucy Liu (Elementary) in Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2013. Floral! Print! Nuff said.

MD_Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2012

Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) in Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2012. It so happens that my two utmost favorite looks of the night came from the same designer. This one here worn by the ethereal Ms. Dockery and the one below by Heidi Klum. Classic white-and-gold ensemble taken to another level is all I’m sayin’.

HK_Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2012

Heidi Klum (Project Runway). Doesn’t this dress give you all the feels?! So simple yet so regal. This is hands down the best red carpet attire of the night. And Heidi pulled it off with aplomb (well, she’s Heidi) by wisely not over-accessorizing. Have I mentioned perfect hair too?


8 Wishes


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Welcoming myself back to this deserted blog! *clap clap* *swipe dust*

Some people believe that if you write your wishes down, it’ll cosmically make stars align and help your dreams come true. Well, I’m glad if that’s true since I love writing things down and this one’s about what I hope to achieve this year. Yeah, resolution of 2013 is here, bitches 😉

1/8 Learn new softwares: Dreamweaver, Premier, After Effect, at least I gotta be decent at one of these Adobe behemoths! It’ll be fun 🙂

2/8 Earn money: With my skills, on steady basis, this’ll help me time-manage better too. I’ve kinda learnt that I produce more effectively under pressure so an added task to fill in my myriad spare times will be good for moi.

3/8 Graduate: I just wanna be done with it and begin the next step, whatever “it” is.

4/8 Figure “it” out: Yeah, after July my life from here is a limbo so I hope these couple of months will help me weed out the options. Working? In here/Indo/somewhere else? Studying again? Find rich husband? (dream on!)

5/8 Lose weight: UNDER 55 BABY! And have a flat tummy. (one can dream eh?) 

6/8 Write more: This blog, Campus, who knows someone can give me a gig, too! I don’t have specific themes in mind but movies, fashion, movies, tv, music, books, these are my lurrrrves and I’m gonna write more of ’em!

7/8 Find The One: Maybe this one’s even harder than walking into Mordor but pleaseee *look up to Him*

and finally…

8/8 Be at peace: One day at a time. To some people it’s just as easy as breathing but not for me – acute worrywart in here. Well, I’m gonna start by not trying so hard to be happy. You’d be surprised how easily I went into that pitfall. And be grateful and not self-entitled. This one’s a journey I will never quit. Anymore tips anybody??

So you see, pretty basic stuff. I’m sorry it weren’t more interesting, you guys, but thanks for reading anyway! 🙂

See ya in my next post. (It’ll be something to do with Golden Globes! Gosh I LOVE the Award season!!)

Sorting My Priorities

am upset. For one really ridiculous reason: kdrama -_- Trust me, I am now mentally beating myself for falling into the old trap, getting overly attached into drama characters. Still, wae wae waeeeee???~~~

*potentially spoiler alert if you care*

Gaksital, I will always love you for putting Joo Won into the map (and top of my favorite virtual husband list) but damn drama, why so cruel? But life moves on, lesson from this: do NOT get too caught up in fiction, do NOT watch a potentially-heart-gutting drama before it’s ending, and lastly but most importantly, GET A DAMN LIFE GURL!

Seriously, the last point, need to carve that in my head. 

And now I shall go back to being a pathetic whiner sobbing in the corner while attempting to conjure up coherent words for le dissertation. Huff~

I Don’t Know How To Title This

Dear readers whoever you are,

My mood lately is rather mellow, but I promise this post isn’t about whining anymore. If I’d written this a couple of days back this might’ve been. I was so negative and emo and inexplicably sad all the time I mentally detached myself from the society. But one very unassuming day, I stumbled upon this post written by xiaxue. In it she wrote about The Secret – not the Jay Chou movie but the popular self-help book – and how her life was altered by it and all that stuff. For all the notoriety and alleged bitchiness that she’s famous for, I actually admire her fortright personality. With people like this you know they’d call shit shit, ergo more trustable opinion. Anyway, I read The Secret a couple of years back and had forgotten about it but that post came exactly at the right time. I was feeling so down and unable to cope for a while and in it she wrote a couple of things that jolt me out of my self-wallow slump:

“Do you want to constantly be depressed? If no, snap out of sadness asap.”

(I’ve actually finished my post but my internet went dead before I re-save and I lost the rest of the content up until this point so rewrite I had to. le sigh.)

“One emotion that the Secret says you should always have is Gratitude.” 

Pretty nifty shit, heh? But as I was reading it I suddenly realize what I’d been lacking more and more, self control and most importantly, gratitude. The ultimate blow came with the next paragraph though:

“…nobody owes you ANYTHING, even your parents. Nobody is obligated to be kind or nice to you, no matter how tragic your life is. And with that attitude, I am always grateful for all the good or kindness that people have shown me.”

At that point, it was as if a blind was undone off my eyes, the mystery surrounding my bad behaviour unraveled before me in a 15-inch monitor.

As a result now I am trying to come clean and back track from my self-entitled ways. It’s a long way to go before I can atone my past actions but I’m glad I get the chance to fix it. Before this I believe that everyone should just be true to oneself, say and do whatever I feel like. Somewhere down the line I took that mentality to the extreme and neglect other’s feelings, resulting in my own unhappiness. Don’t get me wrong, I still think we all should be true to ourselves. This lesson only taught me to balance both spectrum more wisely.

Then Y U STILL MELLOW? Because melancholy is in my blood lol No, but really, the end of June brings about lots of farewell. Most obvious of all is the end of my diploma study at NAFA. I’ll still be going back for my BA here in July – but not all of us. Some of my lovely NAFA chingus are leaving the nest: Dinda, you and your hipster way will be missed :* ; Chynthia, (although you’re still in Singapore) I’m gonna miss your loud medok-ness in the morning :* ; Natasya, the closest to a K-fangirl I have in Singapore :*

Three of my housemates will also be going away. Cika, Angel, and Anita are each off to pursue their callings (lol) and a roomie is relocating. To cap it off my internship at the wonderful Blaklabs will also wrap next week. I swear the feeling of separation is so palpable around here I cannot help but stir inside.

However as I type this I realize that I get uplifted a little. I discover that what makes all these goodbyes disheartening are the good memories preceding it. For having those, I am grateful (see, I begin practicing The Secret already lol)

Perfectly-capturing-my-mood song right now…





I need somewhere far

Where no one will judge

And saying your mind is not blasphemy

Where I can knock this wall down

Not having to put up a guard

But in a perfect world would that only happen

And this is not it.

So I deal.

*put mask back on*


Pos ini dijuduli demikian bukan karena lagi ngidam makanan itu.

I feel like salmon going against the water right now. 

The story goes that I’m starting my internship tomorrow. Self-initiated internship, that is. Nggak ada yang mewajibkan, nggak ada yang maksa. Murni keinginan sendiri and I feel that I land a company where I get to find out what I need to find out. All is good but one thing: during the two months I’ll be doing this magang, most of my friends will be gone from Singapore, enjoying hard-earned holiday. And the thought is killing me TT_TT I miss home toooooo TT_TT And I’ve been unable to shake up the loneliness even before all of them are back home. Yesterday while everyone was away I tried to ‘simulate’ living alone in this flat at night, which was okay. I think I’m good as long as I don’t watch anything scary, which will mess up my imagination -_- I don’t know how my fate would be once I REALLY have to live all alone so, fingers crossed *_*

All told, I do not regret my decision to take this opportunity. Just missing mommy, daddy, bro and home, that’s all.

Dear Somebody

I won’t even try to tell you this because all I’ve ever gotten is rolled eyes in my back or gossipy complaints when I’m not around. I won’t even justify myself because, hell, I don’t even fully understand what I feel.

All I know is how hurt I am to be the one who’s always sidelined, the last to know what’s going on, what you’re planning, etc etc. I know you’re not vile people who purposefully do things like such but the fact that you just naturally write me off makes me feel like you won’t even notice if I disappear at all.

You say I need to say what I want, well I said it but what I get is a forced “Yes” or blatant rejection. Both are equally hurtful and frankly, I don’t need your pity. Okay, okay, it’s my fault for hoping you’re actually my friend. Real friend. I guess all we can ever be is acquaintance huh? Maybe it’s my mistake for being a difficult personality to handle. Oh well, I wish I were different but here I am. Save your sorry or “sungkan”ness for somebody lesser!


Little Thing Called Dream

I should be doing my cover illustration right now but, this clunky mind of mine refuses to churn out ideas so…

Today I went to my first time covering an event for a magazine. The event was a Nike workshop and the mag called Campus. It wasn’t something I’d normally be all over but that’s what makes it interesting and the cocktail certainly wasn’t shabby either;) All in all, it felt kinda cool to be part of something so professional and highbrow(sorta) and official. LOL.

Technically, I am not a reporter per se (not yet, at least) since it’s unpaid and the article will go to their web feed instead of their primary publication. Contributor might be the better term. The best outtake of it struck me after the event concluded – I’ve actually ticked one more box in my new year-resolution list! Yes, I just got myself a writing gig. Small as it is, but a (would-be) published piece nonetheless. And it immediately gives me the warm fuzzy feeling ‘coz I’m easy like that, yeah. Besides, that proves to myself that my life (and plans) is actually moving along, glacial pace be damned 🙂

And now I needa get back to the cover. I CAN DO THIS!



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When a high amount of expectation is mounted on a film, even when it ends up being a decent film it’ll still kind of disappoint because, well, you’d come in wanting to see something “extraordinary”. And trust me when I say I had a massive expectation going in to see Hugo, the latest work of reverent filmmaker Martin Scorsese. On paper, it’s got the recipe of a good film lock, stock and barrel accurate: a legendary director with nary a weak entry in his resume at the helm, a beloved (from what I’ve heard at least) Award-winning children book as source material, two uber talented child actors as leads, a bevy of heavyweight veteran thesps, and to my personal delight, Paris (in the 1920s, no less). So when it FINALLY screened in Singapore last Thursday, I just had to run to the cinema instantly. And with great remorse, I declare that this film… isn’t up to my expectation.

It BLEW the expectation to the moon and back!

Yeah, it’s sooooooo good. However, let’s clear out the elephant in the room before I go on. It’s a damn long movie (126 minutes) that takes its time elaborating minor stuff especially at the first hour. BUT, once you get past the setting up stage (which isn’t all that wasted since everything is just so breathtakingly shot), you won’t want to miss every single detail.

Hugo is hands down the most beautiful film I’ve seen in recent memory.

I mean look at these!

What is this about? Hugo basically revolves around its titular character (Asa Butterfield or as I call it, baby Elijah Wood) who lives inside the walls of Paris’ train station in the 20s. Hugo lost his father in a tragic fire and basically tries to hold on to the last fond memory he had with him, which is repairing an Automaton, some vintage robot his papa brought home from the museum where he used to work. Throughout the movie we watch Hugo take on the quest to complete his father’s last legacy with his book-loving, big words-churning girlfriday, Isabel (Chloe Moretz) at his side. And a rewarding and joyfully sweet ride it was!

I could go on for hours describing how lovely this film was. As a fond cinema lover, the movie so deftly conveys every excitement, every gape of awe, everything that makes me so infatuated with motion picture. It’s my personal response, though, one which I hope many share 🙂

And of course, there is the out-of-this-world cinematography which I’ve touched earlier. Really, just seeing this for its sceneries is already a wonderful treat!

Last but not least, credits go to the amazing, amazing cast. In the end, I want to give every character a big warm hug. They all serve a purpose, have something to resolve on their own right, and thugs your heartstring while at it. Kudos especially to 1) Miss Chloe Moretz, a true blue American actress with impressively spot-on British accent – I see a great future ahead of your career (so just please don’t pull a Lindsay Lohan!), and 2) Ben Kingsley who plays Papa Georges, thanks for your profoundly heartfelt performance – I just witnessed a revelation right there.

Needless to say, I recommend you to watch this film like crazy. It could be so easily deemed as just another kid pic. But it isn’t. At all. At its core, Hugo is really a bittersweet mature story disguised as a children’s adventure, greatly benefitted by the impeccable art direction from the Scorsese camp. Mr Marty, congratulations for yet another stellar addition to your resume.

Maybe that’s why a broken machine always makes me a little sad, because it isn’t able to do what it was meant to do… Maybe it’s the same with people. If you lose your purpose… it’s like you’re broken.


Hope you all find your purpose, peeps! And with that, 4dgeek signs off for now 🙂

Touching My Artsy Side

As a graphic designer, you’d naturally expect one to be sort of geeky for everything creative and artistic, right? Well, not in my case. What can you say, I’m a special (nut)case 😉 At least until recently. The year 2012 seems to be enlivening that little uncharted corner in me that longs to be filled with fresh inspirations, work of arts and especially, good music from whatever genres, artists, or decades. It’s been feeling so good 🙂

And how lucky that just one and a half months off the New Year, Singapore’s been paraded by a string of mega-awesome exhibitions and shows that would otherwise have been impossible for me to attend. First in January I got to witness for real one of Van Gogh’s legendary painting The Starry Night. It’s the freakin’ Van Gogh! I usually won’t be so fangirlish all over a dead artist with a cutoff ear but to be standing there, realising on normal situation I’d have to go to Paris and probably pay a fortune to see it was preeetty surreal. As for me, I only had to pay a dime (student concession FTW) *insert Freddie Mercury’s fistpump here*

Don't let my horror face deter you from the amazing work of art next to it

A week or so later, it was a visit to The Titanic Exhibition! Coinciding with the eponymous ship’s 100th anniversary and the movie’s 15th anniversary, ArtScience Singapore is bringing remnants extracted from the doomed liner’s resting place at the bottom of the ocean for our humble eyes to witness. It was quite a comprehensive exhibition, covering all the history of Titanic from its conception right down to its eventual demise. Imagine the shiver upon seeing a toothpaste or hairpin (just like Rose’s!) that you know belonged to somebody who’d possibly been drowned a century ago! There was also this really creepy crew uniform with stains all over it, and a name embroidered onto it even remembering it sends chills down my spine :S But they also show you the amazing stuff on-board, like recreation of the starkly contrast first, second, and third class bedchambers, dining room (the Titanic movie did indeed recreate it accurately!), and of course, the iconic Grand Staircase. I wanted to take photo on it so bad but unfortunately you need to shell out a few more bucks so, not happening 😦 Finally, the final messages of both survivors and victims of Titanic which remind us all how fleeting and vulnerable life can be. Makes you wanna cross all the things on your bucket list right away…

My 'boarding pass' which now rests among Post-Its

As January came and went, February becomes a little tougher with final year project preparation and other businesses needing more time and energy. Still, today I FINALLY, FINALLY got to watch my first ever musical. And how awesome that my first entry to the world of theatrical art is the multiple Award-winning WICKED! And wicked good it was 😀 The story retells the legendary Wizard of Oz from the Wicked Witch’s POV as the misunderstood, self-sacrificing outcast. I did a little googling and Youtube-ing after the show and found out Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth played the leads Elphaba and Glinda in its original Broadway run. That explains the Glee casting. No complain, they ARE amazing live-vocalists! As are the actors in the Singapore production. Which begs the question how there aren’t that many people with such powerful vocals in the music industry nowadays while plenty of them roam the stages.

So that’s my ‘adventure’ in the world of art thus far. I want to share you more about my recent discoveries of cool stuff and music but this post’s getting too long and I need to rest. But making this post reminds me how awesome 2012 life has been. Let’s not jinx it and hope the next ten and a half months be as good if not even better! Yihaaww xD